Director/Photographer:  Jamie Nelson

Director of Photography:  Alexander Hankoff

Model/Singer:  Betti

Male Model/Actor:  Nio Alexandar

Set Design:  Danielle Von Braun

Hair:  Linh Nguyen

Makeup:  Georgina Billington

Stylist:  Jennifer Fein

Production:  Maddox

Editor/Color:  Patricia Gloum

Headpiece Designer:  Heidi Lee


Post Contains:  Betti, Ordinary Music Video, Blue Roses, Bathtub, Bathtub full of flowers, American Beauty, Singer, Songwriter, Ordinary song, mirrors, abstract, artistic, jamie nelson, multiple mirrors, dressing room, bedroom, couple fighting, couple in bed, love, fighting, one day i loved you, next day I hate you, buy me flowers, stay out for hours, we’re so perfectly fucked up, pink satin, red, blue, music video, relationship, pool, round pool, sex hotel, sex motel, champagne tub, champagne spa, champagne hot tub, fire, heart, heartbreak, heart on fire, breakup, fashion video, heidi lee headpiece, woods, editorial, fashion editorial, beauty editorial, beauty video


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